3 expert tips to maximize Bitcoin casino bonuses


As the bitcoin casino market continues to grow and capture the attention of online gamblers, many online casino operators provide enticing offers.

The online casino world is quite competitive and casino operators want to engage new and prospective players. Most bitcoin casinos offer initial sign up bonuses when players make an initial deposit.

For an experienced bitcoin casino player these bonuses are greatly appreciated when they sign up to play at a new online casino, but may not realize how to take advantage of additional bitcoin bonuses.

Fortunately, there are a couple of main ways that all players, new and experienced, can take advantage of bitcoin bonus offers.

  1. Free Spins

One of the simplest bonus offers is free spins for slot machine games. Typically, a player receives a set of free spins (often between 10 and 50) for signing up for the site. Players simply need to claim the offer, so if slots is not your game, then no problem. The intriguing offer is the slots offer the same odds. Although the casino gives away the slots, this is an easy way to increase your chances to win some extra funds for your preferred games.

Of note, some operators will require additional restrictions on withdrawals for winnings obtained through free spins or other bonus offers.

  1. Stay Informed

Bitcoin casino operators offer a variety of seasonal bonuses throughout the year. For example, some sportsbooks may offer bonus opportunities around major sporting events like the SuperBowl or March Madness. Or casino operators may create special holiday-themed games and offer bonus prizes for players that play these games.

For experienced players, routine may be an issue. Frequently, these offers are not highlighted on the main page of the online casino. Often, the special bonus opportunities are shared on a separate page or communicated through weekly or monthly newsletters.

Of note, remember to read the fine print on offers because some operators will require extensive gameplay to redeem any winnings.

  1. Day Players

To entice players to return frequently to their online casinos, then some operators offer various daily bonus opportunities. The prizes will vary between games, such as free spins or deposit bonuses. To take advantage of the daily prizes, then players will need to visit the site daily and jump on opportunities that fit their playing style.

Bitcoin provides a lot of exciting opportunities, so players that want to take advantage of online casinos should remain educated on the offers and take advantage of what works for them.