An insight on how bitcoin is changing gambling history


Bitcoin. Ethereum. Altcoins. Have you ever heard any of these names before? Terms like bitcoin have been lying around for some time. To be specific, since 2009 when the first currency that has been based on the blockchain technology appeared in the market, to be known later as bitcoin. The way bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are created is by mining data and confirming transactions for a chain of blocks. Once the transactions are confirmed by the network, then you create a block of cryptographed currencies, and the users who mine most of the data earn a reward, in this case known as bitcoin.

Across the years, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had its ups and downs, following by intensive growth periods, as well as increase in value. A bitcoin hit it’s all time high of over $20,000 USD in December of 2017, when it reached mainstream and everyone wanted to purchase a piece or be part of the new sensation that was around.

While Bitcoin is mostly portrayed as virtual asset or an investment, it does not have a physical state. It’s also commonly used for other things such as purchases on retail and online shops, and an ever-growing popularity of using it for online gambling and casinos.

Cryptocurrency casinos will be the future of gambling as we know it, and it should not take long before big names in the online gambling scenario start to adopt this payment method. Nowadays, the strongest and most popular bitcoin casino is Fortunejack, which was created by a group of casino gamblers, who has solid physical casino experience and background. To run an online casino nowadays, an entity needs to have certain regulations and be approved by the regulatory agents and regulations in the respective geographic location they want to run. The main reason why Fortunejack is so popular is because it not only is regulated in the US, where it has most of its player base, but it also takes other popular cryptocurrencies as a payment method like dogecoin and is not entirely limited to bitcoin.

The regulations around online gambling are becoming stricter as the years go by, and a lot of countries are in the verge of legalizing cryptocurrencies and online gambling on casinos. If cryptocurrencies and online gambling walk alongside, the future for crypto gambling is walking towards a very bright path, as it may be, soon, the biggest focus and use for bitcoin and other major altcoins and cryptocurrencies altogether.

Make sure you check the regulations in your country before playing or registering in an online gambling or casino website.