Bitcoin poker: freeroll tournaments


Freeroll poker tournaments are a great way to win real bitcoins (BTC) without having to deposit any of your own money! Freeroll opportunities are gaining popularity with this method of online poker play, due to the attraction of free, real money winnings using bitcoin—virtual money that changes in worth.

One of the positive aspects of Bitcoin Poker Freerolls is that the player needs not make any bitcoin deposit right away. You can simply sign up and play immediately.

The first choice you will make upon signup is what type of poker freerolls you are going to play. Nearly all bitcoin poker websites offer online freerolls, just like traditional poker sites do. In the case of freeroll games using bitcoin winnings, you can take advantage of free money prizes in the form of the ever-changing worth of the bitcoin.

Types of Bitcoin Freeroll Poker

There are various types of poker freerolls you can play online. The difference between the types is the competition and the stakes. For those of you who are not experts, this is a great avenue to pursue. You do not have to risk your own money, and you can learn the game while possibly winning real bitcoins with each victory.

Professional poker players do not often play these types of tournaments because the stakes are not high enough for them. This means the expertise level of the competition will be similar to your own.

The following are the different types of Bitcoin Poker Freerolls:

  • Betcoin Poker Freeroll

Betcoin Poker is a very popular poker site that has daily freeroll games. Every night at 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time), Betcoin Poker feature their 10 Chip (worth .01 BTC) freeroll.

Grindabit .1 BTC Freeroll is weekly on Betcoin Poker. Every Saturday night at 7 pm (EST), Grindabit players receive a password to compete in the completely free, password enabled Grindabit 100 chip (.1 BTC) freeroll.

  • SWC Poker Freeroll

SWC Poker is the largest online bitcoin poker website with hundreds of active players and tons of opportunities to earn bitcoin for free.

SWC players earn what is called “Krill” (points) on every game that they play. The more Krill you earn, the more entries into Freeroll games you get. This will allow the player to qualify to rake back when they hit higher levels.

At Seals with Clubs Poker, gamblers will often find freerolls every hour, alternating between 3 and 30 prizes offered, so you can receive more chances at winning bitcoin.

  • Nitrogen Poker Freeroll

Nitrogen Poker is one of the largest and trusted bitcoin casino and sportsbook on the web. If you are 18 or older and Bitcoin gambling is legal where you live, you can sign up for free and win real money bitcoin without having to deposit money or spend money.

Much like other freeroll websites and games, you can play at Nitrogen Poker at freeroll tables or in scheduled tournaments. Play against other real players and complete for free bitcoin prizes with every victory.

  • LuckyFlop Freeroll

Upon signup with LuckyFlop, a bitcoin poker website, make sure you check out the weekly mailers in your email in order to know the exact time to join the tables as well as the latest cash/bitcoin prize and winnings.

Freeroll gameplay on LuckyFlop is unique in that it is more exclusive than other websites. You must keep an eye on your email in order to receive the set times and dates for the next chance at winning free bitcoins with your poker victory.

With no need to deposit any of your own money or BTC, you can still win very real money and bitcoin through free gameplay.

  • Freeroll

Bitcasino poker at has 6 daily freerolls that you can engage in to win real bitcoin prizes without spending a dime on deposits.

6 Daily Freerolls:

10:00 EST – 20 mBTC NL Texas

12:00 EST – 50 mBTC NL Texas

14:00 EST – 50 mBTC NL Texas

16:00 EST – 1000 mBTC Satellite

18:00 EST – 20 mBTC NL Texas

22:00 EST – 20 mBTC PL Omaha

Players can choose from a different range of Bitcoin Wallets, including Cloud and Software wallets. You can also buy and sell your bitcoins on trusted bitcoin exchanges using USD/EUR/GBP, and other currency. With this bitcoin, you can exchange them for cash or spend the bitcoins at websites and stores that accept them. offers poker games with no deposits, with the chance of winning bitcoin with every victory.

  • BurnTurn Freeroll

BurnTurn freeroll poker offers 10 Burner Freerolls every single day. Burners are bitcoin poker chips used virtually. For example, 1 Burner equals 1 mBTC (0.001 bitcoin).

Happy Hour on Fridays at BurnTurn is where players serious about making real bitcoin money need to be to take full advantage of this poker site.

On Fridays, there are 50 Burner freerolls between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

With no real money or real bitcoin deposits needed to play in these freerolls, you can begin playing and with every victory, win real bitcoin currency!

  • K8 Poker Freeroll

K8 Poker is a popular poker site that has 8 daily freerolls.

Where 1 Bitcoin (BTC) = 10,000 chips, the following are the states in the freerolls:

2 x 20 Chip, 2 x 30 Chip, and 4 x 50 Chip freerolls.

Anytime you feel like playing freeroll poker for real bitcoin money, you can find various stakes and tables at K8. In order to increase your bankroll at K8 Poker, there are GTD (Guaranteed Prize Pool) tournaments as well.

The daily GTD tourneys are:

50 Chip à Buy-in 1 Chip

100 Chip à Buy-in 3 Chip

200 Chip à Buy-in 5 Chip

Every Sunday has GTD tournaments with 1000 Chip à Buy-in 10 Chip


No matter which Bitcoin Poker website you choose to practice, play, and win, this type of poker is excellent for those who do not want to risk their own money playing poker but want the opportunity to win real bitcoins at poker tables in freerolls.

Winning bitcoins gives you options similar to cash. Bitcoin changes in worth much like the stock market—you can purchase goods online and in stores where bitcoin is accepted, just like cash. You can also trade in your bitcoin for cash, such as dollars, pounds, or euros.

Freeroll bitcoin poker is a great way to get in the bitcoin game while also engaging in freeroll poker gameplay risk-free.