Lucky bitStarz player turns €300 into over €53,000


In what many are calling a long stroke of “beginner’s luck,” a new player at BitStarz, named Rebecca, managed to turn a meager €200 deposit into a massive €51,438.47, a 257x increase from the original amount. The winning streak took place over a long period of 48 hours, with the single largest win coming from one of the most popular slots, Supernova. This win alone was €16,500, and other games like Playboy, Goldilocks, and Jurassic Park, among others, resulted in the remaining wins of almost €35,000.

Sasha Jade, BitStarz marketing manager, commenting on the massive win, saying “We work extremely hard to deliver online entertainment with big payouts and the fastest withdrawals. Such wins go straight to what we hope to offer our customer, a place where they can ‘Dream Big, Win Bigger’ – which just became reality for a lucky player.”

The lucky winner, Rebecca, also made comments on the situation, stating “I can hardly believe it! After my first and single deposit on the casino, I hit this big! I have never won anything, this is amazing!” When asked about what she is planning to use the winnings for, she said it will go into her children’s’ college fund, a great decision that will make a huge dent in their expenses later on.

Along with the casino games Rebecca played, there are many more at BitStarz, with their total count coming to over 550, and constantly adding new ones to the pool. Each game has a solid payout structure, with the chance to strike it big, and many, like Rebecca, do just that. For new players to BitStarz, they offer a great welcome package, including up to €400, as well as 100 free spins. This is a way to get a head start, allowing a decent amount of play on the site’s dime instead of yours. And in an era where it’s hard to know whether or not a casino will pay out a huge win like this or claim it as a malfunction, it is definitely a breath of fresh air to see that not only did BitStarz payout, but they also fully support the win and hope others can win big just like Rebecca.

For players that want to test their luck, BitStarz is currently running a “Slot Warz” leaderboard competition for slots, which is seemingly themed after Star Wars. This lasts until the end of October, giving the top 15 Bitcoin players and the top 10 Euro players the chance to win part of large prize pools (5 BTC and €500, respectively), with the top Bitcoin player winning 0.75 BTC and the top Euro player winning €75. And the best part is that you do not even have to opt in – simply play any of the slots on the site and you’re automatically working towards increasing your leaderboard rank, getting closer and closer to taking down one of the prizes, on top of what you win from the games themselves!