New online casino designed specifically for Bitcoin gamers


Bitcoin changed the rules in the gaming industry.

Originally, online casino operators adopted the digital currency to help reach the global gaming market. Players adopted the technology because it provided anonymous accounts, additional player safety and security, along with transparency and increased speed to fund and withdrawal winnings.

In time, traditional casino operators observed the success of their online rivals and began to integrate bitcoin into their online and offline offerings. At their core, many of these casino operators were build as casinos first and leverage for bitcoin.

Well, mBit Casino is new to the game and designed specifically for bitcoin players. mBit offers some of the best prizes in the industry matched with a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to play and win.

For some players that have ambiguous rules and regulations in their home country, mBit seeks to be the answer to their gaming needs and desires.

The casino provides players with the typical games, which makes it an alternative for offline gamers that are prohibited or restricted from certain games in their country of domicile.

As part of the offering package, mBit leverages live dealers for all of the excitement that is found at traditional casinos for games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. The fact that real people, albeit virtually, will be the dealers, provides mBit users with some additional fairness.

For seasoned online casino players, these offerings should sound familiar. The mBit Casino is based on an industry leading software provider that powers much of the live gameplay throughout the rival bitcoin-based casino sites. However, mBit is fully licensed, so players can take comfort in the additional security that regulated site providers its users. The added peace of mind that the casino is run by legitimate business owners reduces some of the underlying fear of theft from the player’s mindset.

Plus, reports indicate that mBit provides all the standard features players would seek incomparable online casinos.

“mBit Casino is a complete casino. It has everything you could ask; dozens of slots, live dealer games, poker and even a sportsbook with tennis, soccer, rugby, hockey and eSports. mBit only accepts bitcoin and newcomers are offered 100% on their first deposit. Transactions are almost instant. Deposit takes the maximum of 30 minutes and withdrawals are processed instantly after submission.”

All of that and designed specifically with bitcoin in mind. That is a telltale sign that the online casino sector is competing on bitcoin as a fundamental advantage against rival sites.