Overview of esports betting and bitcoin gambling sites


eSports Betting Websites and Integration with Bitcoin

Esports betting and bitcoin gambling sites are on the rise and with betting becoming legal in many States of the U.S. as well as other countries like the U.K., you might want to know more about it.

How do Bitcoins work?

Every country has a central banking authority to regulate money affairs. Often, the regulations hinder the free flow of trade and commerce. The birth of Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, has changed how the world works today. Banking authorities of nations can challenge the notion and state that the fall of Bitcoin is inevitable – however, it is this free flow of trade and commerce along with complex algorithms that shape up the Bitcoin currency and makes it a form of currency you will look at twice.

Here is a list of three things you probably didn’t know about bitcoins.

  1. You can spend your Bitcoins online

If you need to spend the bitcoin money online, there are many places from stores, to services, to products and even various gambling websites.

  1. Bitcoins are volatile

The rate of exchange of bitcoins is volatile. It can change from as less as 8 USD per Bitcoin to over 100 USD per bitcoin. This is for the simple reason that there is no central authority and liquidity exists.

  1. Counterfeit currency not possible

Conventional currency notes can be copied and even digital currency can be counterfeited. However, in case of bitcoins, it’s different. You cannot counterfeit the currency as everything is stored in one place. Bitcoins cannot be used for more than one time.

Paying With Bitcoins

It’s to be seen how the concept of bitcoins will change down the years. However, it’s for sure that we are in for some exciting times ahead. Now, more gambling sites are accepting bitcoins as payments.

eSports Gambling

eSports betting and gambling is picking up too and sports from baseball to soccer are the favourites of online gamblers. Here is a look at some of the strategies employed by them when playing online.

1X2 betting

1X2 betting involves three probabilities of a soccer match and it is a very popular form of betting. This soccer betting is a wager on the final score of a match, which may end up in anything – the match can be won by team 1, or by team 2 or there can be a tie at the end of the game. When a team’s probability of winning the match remains somewhere between 1.01 and 1.35, the 1×2 betting proves to be the ideal gambling option. Other than soccer, 1X2 betting is associated with handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis and rugby.

Over/under betting

If you go for an over/under betting you need to proceed on the basis of simple guesswork. You will get a number, which is the sum of the probable scores of the two participating teams in the match and you have to gamble that the real sum will be either more or less, than the assured sum. The number on which you are trying out an over/under betting is provided to you by a sportsbook, a favourite among the gamblers worldwide. The sportsbook aims at getting the same number of wager on either side of the predicted number.

Handicap betting

In a soccer match, handicap betting involves attribution of a virtual discrepancy to a player or a team at the beginning of a match. In handicap betting the stronger team gets to start the match virtually. A team is handicapped in this type of soccer betting in accordance with the form of either of the teams and the bettors wager on the stronger team to be the final winner. The number of probabilities decreases if you go for a handicap betting as it removes the chance of a tie in the match.

Outright betting

Outright betting involves a stake on the final result of a competition or tournament and is not based on the score of a single match. This kind of soccer betting takes place prior to the commencement of a season but continues even in between the matches. If you opt for this type of football betting you are supposed to get greater winning amount than what you generally get from the other types of soccer betting.

The popularity of outright betting

Outright betting is a very popular form of betting and a favourite too among all the gamblers. It draws more amount than the more common forms of football gambling. You can use outright betting on the winning team or foretell the final form of a team. You can also wager on the points of the playoffs or put a stake on a player scoring the highest number of goals in the entire season. Outright betting is increasingly gaining popularity among the bettors with each season of soccer matches.

Advantages of outright betting

Outright betting involves number of probabilities than the wager put on the single matches and so it is much less problematic to win money than the more common betting types. You can stake on the position of your favourite team and win a satisfactory amount with outright betting. But this type of betting is not offered by every bookmaker on the web. The soccer tournaments, which are not so popular, do not draw the sufficient number of bettors for outright betting. Moreover, you may get your winning amount after almost a year if you go for outright betting.

In-play betting

In-play betting involves putting a stake on a tournament after its commencement and continues till the end of the season. In-play betting is often called in-running betting or live betting. Benefits of in-play betting include your flexibility to evaluate the present form of the teams prior to the betting. With in-play betting, you can fix your deal and in due course of the tournament, you can get a green book. This green book lets you win under all circumstances.

Pre-event betting

Pre-event betting is a complete contrast to in-play betting, which begins prior to the launch of an event. Pre-event betting or pre-game betting is preferred by many punters as there are lesser numbers of odds involved with pre-event betting before the opening of a season.

Traditional bookies, Asian bookies and betting exchanges

The traditional bookies of the United Kingdom deal mostly with betting that is associated with professional soccer. The Asian bookies are involved with soccer betting in Asia, dealing primarily with handicap betting. The Asian bookies are popular among the Asian players and an interesting substitute of the European bookies. Many Asian bookies often involve the European bettors and, by any chance, if you are presently residing in Asia, you can too go to the Asian bookies. If you stake with the Asian bookies you can deal in the currency of your nation and put your stake on the matches being well aware of the usual trends.

The absence of a mediator in a betting exchange

Betting exchanges charge an amount, which is a fraction of the total amount won and the odds provided on the betting exchanges are more profit-making than those offered by the traditional bookies. This is simply for the reason that there is no mediator involved in the entire process. In betting exchanges you can also win your money even by dropping or putting down the players. Many bookies provide 20% more cash by drawing the odds. This earns you more money if you actually manage to win your bet. The traditional bookies do not allow this.

Benefits of betting exchanges

Betting exchanges also allow you to wager on either of the teams in a match. This lets you stay in a no-risk zone whatever may be the final result of the match and whichever team may win. You cannot avail of this opportunity if you choose to bet with the traditional bookies. It is up to you whether you want to opt for the traditional bookies or not. However, if you are a regular bettor, you should go for the betting exchanges as the advantages with the betting exchanges are not available with the traditional bookies. A follow-up on the betting trends on a regular basis can help you a lot in adjusting and placing your own stake. This way it proves favourable for you and you make it a habit for yourself to win a good amount from almost all of your bets when you visit esports betting websites.

Betting tools

Before you place your stake in a soccer match or a football tournament you need to fix a target and then proceed towards that target. Your betting should be well planned and well executed as, without setting a fixed target for your regular wagering, you are left with nothing to achieve. The betting tools help you to fix your goal for your bet and allow you to win with minimum risk being involved. But you must always keep one thing in mind that the first need that you need to arrange is a fund, which you may lose any time in a bet. Numerous websites and links offer you tips and predictions on soccer betting, which help you to go for a winning bet. The wide ranges of betting software that are available online provide you with all the necessary tips that you require to create your independent betting trend.

Bet calculators

Innumerable bet calculators are available online to guide you in placing your stake in a match. You have to feed the details of your bet into these calculators and these automatically analyze the fed information for you. The bet calculators thus save your time and help you to proceed with your betting.

Odds comparison sites

The odds comparison sites on the web also make wagering a simpler and less complicated task for you as you carry on with your stake with the bookie. These odds comparison sites let you have a look at all the odds collected from the best online bookies and also make betting faster for you. These sites offer you an error-free comparison of all the odds from different betting exchanges for all the biggest sports events taking place across the world.

Multiple bets

Multiple bets allow you to mix many selections together into a single stake by picking up one at a time from each of the markets available. There are many websites including those of the bet calculators, which offer you free tips and estimates for multiple betting. Links are provided to you online that guide you through the entire process and take you to the best markets for multiples. Betfair, the top betting exchange of England, offers you multiples from two to eight legs, a leg being the selection of one or many contenders from a single market. You get the odds for every leg from the odds of the contenders in the markets designed for a single soccer betting. Accumulator betting is the widely popular name for multiple betting.

Lucky 15

Lucky 15 is a type of soccer betting, for which a betting calculator allows you to feed the info related to 4 of your selections and lets you evaluate your lucky 15 winning amount for each of your selection. 15 here mean a total of 15 parts of a bet. The bookies aim now and then at this type of betting to earn their bonuses, which include the three basic types of bonus.


The betting calculators available online provide you with automatic evaluation for a maximum of 20 selections when you go for an accumulator betting. You can apply the fold options for an accumulator betting, this form of betting being profitable for you despite the failure of some selections. Accumulator betting allows you to unite a minimum of four selections into only one stake assuring you an amount after all selections win. You may win a lot of money against high risks if you opt for accumulator betting whereas you may lose everything if just a single of your selections falls short of your bet. If a contender drops out of the match, the accumulator calculates the earnings by eliminating a selection.

The risk in using accumulators

The bookies change the rules for the accumulators in accordance with the type of sports. The selections are to be made from separate matches of a tournament if a better desires to opt for an accumulator betting. This is simply due to the reason that a bettor should not put more than one stake on the same contender and one selection should not overlap the other. An accumulator lets you earn a large sum if you win, and takes away everything from you if you lose.Many bettors prefer to avoid this risk by putting stakes on the betting folds. This way they manage to win a huge amount despite the failure of some selections.

Number of selections

Accumulators are of various types, which are determined by the number of selections. Accumulator betting involves a minimum of 4 selections. The combined wagers with 2 or 3 selections have the same rules that are applied to the accumulators. 2 selections for a bet attributes to it the name of double betting whereas treble betting is the name given to the stakes that combine 3 selections.

Types of accumulators

Based on the number of selections, the accumulators are named as Four-Fold Accumulator, Five-Fold Accumulator, Six-Fold Accumulator, Seven-Fold Accumulator, Eight-Fold Accumulator, and so on. Although the lower limit of an accumulator is fixed at 4 selections, there is no set number for the upper limit in an accumulator. Thus one can win a lot of money from an accumulator. An accumulator calculator helps you to analyze the situation promptly enough whatever be the number of selections.