Top Bitcoin Gambling and Casino Sites of 2015

Located below you will find the top bitcoin gambling sites. We carefully tested over 55 different sites and determined these were the top. Read the detailed reviews, find sites that are legitimate and decide on which is the best to gamble on!
Latest Update: Nov 16, 2015

Betcoin is the premier destination for bitcoin gambling because it is the largest online casino around. The Betcoin network of casinos includes,, and Betcoin offers gamers comprehensive experience to play casino, poker, dice and sports games using bitcoin (and litecoin).

Betcoin is active on social media with the Betcoin Facebook page and Betcoin Twitter account. In addition to their social media presence, Betcoin has an active community for players and live online support for any technical issues. In addition to the online chat, players are able to submit issues via traditional tickets and email.

1. Review

Through its network of online gaming sites, Betcoin provides a full service of games and options to players of all levels. For new players looking to get acclimated to the online gaming environment, then Betcoin offers free gaming. This outlet allows new players to gain knowledge of the software and become comfortable with the gaming process prior to live gambling.

Additionally, Betcoin offers player friendly deposit bonuses. Betcoin provides:

  • 100% First Deposit Matches
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches
  • 25% Third Deposit Matches

For new players (or new to Betcoin), then the site features one confirmation deposits, so once you make the decision to place your initial wager, then there is not a delay in getting in on the action.

Betcoin places emphasis on ease of use and ability to play. There are limited requirements to create an account, which simply include a username, email address and password.

The Betcoin sign up process aims for simplification. The simplification and quick response time to set up accounts is also apparent in the deposit process, which are basically instantaneous (an advantage of bitcoin over traditionally payment processing technology).

Deposit minimums are 0.001 bitcoin. Smaller amounts may be made and once the minimum is deposited, your account will be credited. For withdrawals, the process ranges between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The withdrawal process is more timely because Betcoin added an email confirmation as part of the security process. For all players, this is a good step because it shows Betcoin is committed its players security and bitcoins.

2. BitStarz Review

For new players, then Bitstarz also provides deposit bonuses that are among the most favorable in the industry.

  • 100% First Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin or 100 Euros, plus 25 free spins)
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin or 100 Euros, plus 25 free spins)
  • 50% Third First Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin or 100 Euros, plus 25 free spins)
  • 100% Fourth Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin or 100 Euros, plus 25 free spins)

Of note, there are some limits on the total amount of deposit bonus amount that Bitstarz provides to players.

The Bitstarz sign up process is very easy to follow and pretty efficient to get new players up and ready to go without much confusion. There are limited requirements to create an account, which simply include a username, email address and password.

To fund accounts, players make deposits through the payment option of their choice. As Bitstarz accepts bitcoin and euro, players can fund through their bitcoin wallet or standard payment processor (like Visa or MasterCard). For a complete understanding of the available payment options, please review the payments page.

Deposit minimums are 0.01 bitcoin. Withdrawal minimums are 0.005 bitcoin. Additionally, the withdrawal process requires multiple confirmations between Bitstarz and the player. These confirmation, as many as 6, are for security and should take up to 2 hours to complete.

New players should note that Bitstarz offers information about the gaming fairness. Under the Provably Fair page, players (both new and experienced) can review the documentation to ensure it is with their liking while playing on the Bitstarz casino.

Bitstarz take a hybrid approach to providing gamers with a full slate of online bitcoin casino options. The hybrid approach means Bitstarz accepts some fiat (country denominated) currencies (like the Euro) and bitcoin. Additionally, Bitstarz is a leading online casino in providing players with a mobile-optimized casino for easier access to play on the go!

Bitstarz is also active on social media with the Bitstarz Facebook page and Bitstarz Twitter account. In addition to their social media presence, Bitstarz provides players with a plethora of FAQs about the site. Ranging from account creation to security and responsible gaming, Bitstarz provides sufficient information for players to feel comfortable about their online bitcoin casino. Players can also submit any issues to Bitstarz through email and live chat.

VegasCasino is a new entrant to the online bitcoin gambling world. Founded in 2015, VegasCasino stands out by providing possibly the largest amount of games to play with higher payouts and games specifically made for high rollers. There are no free to play games, so VegasCasino is geared for gamers ready to win!

VegasCasino offers players a series of tutorials in order to understand the rules and regulations on the site. Players should primarily rely on the information provided on the site because support is only available through email submissions, although there is live chat for certain issues.

3. VegasCasino Review

For all players, then VegasCasino provides perhaps the most player friendly deposit bonuses because they are not limited to the first few deposits.

  • 100% First Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)
  • 25% All Other Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)

The VegasCasino deposit bonus differs from the competition for two reasons. First, the match is instant. New players should contact the customer service agent, through live chat, and the player’s account will be credited at that time. No more waiting for the bonus match to increase your bankroll.

Additionally, VegasCasino continues to provide players with deposit matches. Unlike other online casinos that limit matches to the first few deposits, VegasCasino continues to provide a 25% match on all deposits.

There are some playing requirements in order to cash out some of the bonus funds, so check with customer support to clearly understand the amount of play required.

The VegasCasino sign up process is pretty standard, however, VegasCasino requires one additional piece of information. In addition to the limited account creation information (username, email address and password), VegasCasino requires players to provide a date of birth.

To fund accounts, players must navigate to the Cashier in order to see the list of payment provides offered by VegasCasino. Once the account is funded, then contact the customer service agent to receive the initial deposit match. VegasCasino does offer players a variety of payment providers (such as Visa and MasterCard) that are free and fee based.

Deposit minimums are 0.001 bitcoin. The withdrawal process is also pretty standard and requires multiple confirmations between VegasCasino and players for security reasons.

Once registered, then VegasCasino provides sufficient information on the security of your account, including the ability to enable a Google Authorization code.

Bitcoin is taking over the Internet. Many people may think that bitcoin is controversial or a fad. The truth is that bitcoin is a technology that provides a trusted method to transfer assets across the globe.

Naturally, online gambling sites and purveyors are flocking to bitcoin. As a low cost way to move money across the globe, then the necessity to trust another party has been reduced. Prior to bitcoin gambling, there was a lot of risk in placing wagers and gambling online with random people.

Bitcoin changed that and now the underlying technology solved the trust problem.

What is Bitcoin?

To understand bitcoin gambling, then you need to understand bitcoin. So, what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open sourced, peer to peer technology linked to currency. Bitcoin, as a product, represents transactions that are verified by the underlying network. The network incentivizes people (often called miners) to verify the transactions because miners receive bitcoin as a result of the confirmation process. The underlying network, which records all of the transactions, is called the blockchain (and is essentially a big public database).

The bitcoin system, which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, was shared publically with the release of Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The paper details how the open sourced network replaces a centralized source of power that controls the flow of money. This is important because the system has its own supply and demand, which drives the value of a bitcoin. The value of a bitcoin is needed to incentivize miners to confirm the transactions on the blockchain.

Bitcoin is often referred to as a cryptocurrency because it is a technology that represents money. It is important to note the many governments classify bitcoin as a commodity (like gold) compared to a currency (like the U.S. Dollar or Euro).

Since bitcoin has monetary value and a system of trust, there is now an emerging number of online casinos that use bitcoins.

How does Bitcoin gambling work?

Bitcoin gambling works like traditional casinos. Players need funds to gamble. In traditional casinos, players use cash. In bitcoin casinos, then players need to buy bitcoin.

For new players, then there are plenty of guides to buy bitcoins. The important thing to note is to find an exchange (like a bank) that you can buy bitcoin that is highly rated in your country. The other note is to find a bitcoin wallet (like a safe deposit box) to store your recently purchased bitcoin. Every country has highly rated sites that are both exchanges and wallets. It is recommended to find a combined exchange and wallet to make your life easier.

An example of the some of the best and most reputable sites where you can buy some Bitcoins:


Upon funding your account, then you are ready to start!

Bitcoin casinos are essentially virtual casinos. This means that your favorite games to play in Vegas are at your fingertips in a bitcoin casino.

Advantages of Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin gambling offers some games that are not played in traditional casinos. Dice games are a big game available to bitcoin gamblers. Interestingly, Satashi Dice was the original bitcoin gambling game (obviously named after the inventor that made this all possible!).

However, don’t worry, all the standard casino games are available for play. Some of the most played games include:

  • Slot Machines
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Sports Betting

For new players, it is good to consider the deposit bonuses that sites offer to encourage players to get in on the action.

Bitcoin gambling also offers another advantage over the typical casino. In addition, from playing and winning from your couch, online casinos offer affiliate programs.

How often does your favorite Vegas casino pay you to bring your friends to town?

With affiliate programs, then registered members (or players that sign up for the program) receive compensation by marketing the casino to other potential players online.

These incentives are helping spur the growth in bitcoin gambling and online casinos. If you are considering getting in on the action, then strike while the iron is hot because the competition is still learning the ropes.

Is Bitcoin safe?


There is a lot of negative attention in the press when an incident occurs in the bitcoin world. The attention is deserved because people new to bitcoin should be aware of the risks

Not every bitcoin exchange has the same level of security, so when selecting the bitcoin exchange and bitcoin wallet to fund your account, then really do some due diligence on the highly rated companies.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age of cyber attacks and cyber threats. All activity online, particularly if it relates to money, is at risk of loss. Cyber criminals target traditional banks and credit card companies, but we still have some faith and trust in those institutions because the leaders are aware of the threat.

The bitcoin community is no different. Coindesk, the well-respected online news source of the bitcoin community, addressed the issue of bitcoin security in the online gambling sector. As Mike Hadjuk, an entrepreneur that created a service to allow players to view each other through live webcams is working to constantly improve safety and security.

“Nobody is impermeable. Even the Pentagon can get hacked. To me that’s our number one concern,” he said.

Bryan Micon, a founder of an online bitcoin gambling site is very cognizant of security, saying:

“It’s about keeping the bitcoin safe. That’s not just about securing cold storage – it goes beyond that. It’s about looking after issues such as automated cash-outs, to help sites scale without allowing criminals to take advantage of poorly configured scripts.”

For new players, then there is another security risk to understand – the security and fairness of the online casino.provably-fair-bitcoin-casino

Because players cannot walk into the front door and see the security and fair play, then it is important to select a bitcoin casino based on sites that include proof of operating legitimate gambling environments. Online casinos should share evidence of provably fair games. Provably fair means the odds are reasonable and in line with traditional probabilities.

Finally, new players should be cognizant of cash out rules. When you sign up and receive a deposit bonus, then understand the stipulations. The casino will typically require players play a certain amount of games or wager a certain amount of money. These same stipulations may be applicable to compensation received from affiliate fees. It is important to understand how and when you can withdraw your winnings!

Is it bitcoin gambling legal?


Generally, bitcoin gambling is legal, but each online casino that accepts bitcoin for gambling has their own requirements. These rules may differ between online gambling sites, so as a prospective user, it is important to double check the different sites based on individual details.

For example, some sites do not accept players from the United States and some sites do accept players from the United States. In the US, then states, such as Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, allow online gambling. Some sites may allow players from these states, while other sites may not do so. The same subtleties are likely between different countries as well.

Likewise, various countries have age restrictions related to gambling. Bitcoin gambling sites have different regulations related to age requirements as well. Overall, as part of deciding the best bitcoin gambling site, check the site requirements to avoid confusion.

Bitcoin is typically viewed as a commodity and not currency. Particularly in the United States, current regulations mainly prohibit the use of online wagers in currency. As bitcoin is not classified as a currency, bitcoin gambling would not be prohibited under current rules.

Of course, with all emerging technologies, then the regulations are subject to change. Online gambling sites are typically open to all (regardless of your country). Various countries have different rules and regulations related to bitcoin, so if you are interested in learning more about the technical details around regulation in your country, then that is something to consider.

The Bitcoin Gambling Boom

Entrepreneurs and risk takers alike are seeing the advantages of bitcoin. As the number of online bitcoin casinos start to rise, then more and more players will emerge. Bitcoin is a safe instrument that creates trust among strangers. It is the perfect instrument to help casinos match risk takers across the globe.